Table 1.0
Eindhoven (NL)

The table 1.0 is a dressing table and is part of the set 1.0. The production of theobject happened in 2015. The two main parts are the laser cut wooden structure and the table top, which is a carrara marble stone piece. The wooden structure has been lasered in the “Digifab” in Sectie C, a district in the far East of Eindhoven town. The marble part has been manufactured in a gravestone workshop called “Kluijtmans”. The stone part is not mechanically attached to the structure, but it kept in place by the weight of the material itself, which is around 27 kilograms.

suppliers: “Gamma” bricolage centre,

manufacturers: “Kluijtmans” gravestone makers, “Digifab” laser cut service shop. 

year: 2015

complexity: easy

manufacturig time: 20 hours

production tour: not available