Hair Dryer 3.0
London (UK)

This hair dryer was produced in West London in the summer of 2016 within the Residency Programme run by the Design Museum in London. The starting point for this object is the inner mechanism, which has been found in a local charity shop located in West London, the area where all the production took place, which is the same area here the Design Museum is located.

The ceramic part has been turned by hand from Cosmin Ciofirdel, ceramicist operating the area from Ceramic Sculpture Studio. It is made out of stoneware and painted with blue plant-related decorations. The cork handle was made on the Goldfinger Factory lathe. The back filter was 3D printed by a producer found thanks to the 3D hubs network.

suppliers: The Cloth Shop, Nu Line, local building sites.

manufacturers: Cosmin Ciofirdel (Ceramics Sculpture Studio) 3D printer, The Goldfinger Factory

year: 2016

complexity: difficult

manufacturig time: 2 months

production tour: not available