Hair Dryer 2.0
Rome (IT)

The second hair dryer produced via the system has been made in San Lorenzo district in Rome. The object represents the presence of La Sapienza University campus.

The glass part has been made by a glass worker called Giuseppe Russo, who is making the tools for the workshops of the chemistry and medicine labs of the University. The wood has been bended by Tommaso and Giorgio, the two members of Rotalab design studio. The filter has been printed by a private printer found thanks to the 3D hubs network. The hair dryer, thanks to the size of the diffuser on the front, is designed for curly hair.

suppliers: “De Mortel” Metal Junk Yaard, Gamma Bricolage centre, “De Groetse Bazaar” second hand shop.

manufacturers: Giuseppe Russo (Vetroscientifica), Tommaso and Giorgio (Rotalab). 

year: 2015

complexity: difficult

production tour: not available

Pictures by Giacomo Meiarini