Hair dryer 1.0
Eindhoven (NL)

This Hair dryer is part of the set 1.0. It is the first object produced via the SUPERLOCAL system back in 2014. It has been made in the area of the town of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

The starting point for the design of the object is the electronical mechanism, which has been reclaimed from a metal junk yaard in the town of Eindhoven. Both glass and cork, being heat resistant, are also reusable into new objects.


suppliers: Brigatti electronics, Teunissen Metal Junk Yaard, Yoga Studio Eindhoven (cork supplier).

manufacturers: Kees Berende (glass maker), FabLab Brainport Eindhoven, Design Academy wood workshop.

year of the first production: 2014

complexity: difficult

production Tour: not available